We believe that taking students to India and the foothills of the Himalayas has incredible educational value and is so much more than a holiday.

Safe & Assessed

Our school expeditions often involve demanding terrain and changing weather, which means we plan meticulously and have detailed contingency plans in place. We fully brief the teachers and students on what to expect and what is involved in the tour.

All risk and rescue assessment is done in advance to point out the risks a well as solutions, how to mitigate the risks are full prepared for each day.  All medical hospitals and urgent contacts are put in place before travelling to the country.

Our guides have helped thousands of students to experience an adventure of a lifetime. We believe our local knowledge, experience and well-trained local field team are the key to running safe trips that are also fun.

Teacher Friendly

Once planning the expedition is well underway, we will visit your school to finalise preparations and are always on hand to support the teachers involved.

Our expeditions should be fun from the start, for students and teachers! Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for teachers to plan and prepare for one of our expeditions.

More Than Just a Holiday

Our Leadership Program focuses on both the individual and the team. Our experienced guides provide every practical information and support at every stage.

Rest assured, we focus on providing opportunities for students to explore, learn and develop. We do this through involvement in physical challenges and cultural experiences that supports their individual development outside the classroom. student.

Our school trips to India and The Himalayas grants students a maturity, self confidence and independence that shapes them in later life.

Sustainable Adventures

We’ve also found that the Students we travel with are very aware of how quickly the world and climate is changing and want to be part of that change.

The truly sustainable activities we organise give students a chance to do exactly that: to get involved in small, short-term community projects that make a big difference.

Our school trips to India provide a great platform to develop their decision making, teamwork, leadership, organisation and money management.

Get Started with a Free School Talk

Most of our school expeditions start with a free 1-hour multimedia talk at your school with teachers and students, on Indian and Himalayan topics that support curriculum learning.

We work with Teachers to provide Students with a useful introduction to one or more topics such as Indian Culture, Geography, Religion, History or Sustainable Himalayan Lifestyles. These talks are usually given by our Founder Director, Puran, who grew up in the areas and taught at a Iocal school.

Puran will bring it all to life for you by sharing some inspiring and fascinating insights into this hidden part of the Himalayas.

Puran is the author of ‘The Himalayan Bond’ book, A sacred relationship between man and the environment available in our store and on Amazon.

We’ll also give you an introduction to the some of the Trekking,Cultural and Community Projects that you might want to get involved in if you decide to plan your own expedition.

Volunteer Working and Teaching Projects

Expedition Leaders - The Sustainable Volunteering Choice

Want to make a real long term difference to underprivileged communities and develop new skills?

Like the idea of exploring some amazing new places and making new friends at the same time? Expedition Leaders offers Volunteering Projects that range from a few days as part of a longer trekking and cultural trip up to our standard 3-week programmes. We pride ourselves on helping Volunteers immerse themselves in local customs and ways of living that respect the environment whilst supporting local communities economically and socially.

Our Volunteering Projects are developed for School groups and for independent travellers alike.

Our Travellers get great personal satisfaction from the Community Projects - knowing that their visits create long-term benefits in the communities they visit. It’s a chance to gain confidence and to appreciate the daily challenges of living and studying in the Himalayas: these are experiences that cannot be learned in the classroom. Local people welcome us into their communities and everyone, including them, seem to have a lot of fun at the same time!

Our Community Projects are usually between 2 and 5 days and are usually combined with trekking and visits to cultural sights. The choice is yours!

Interactive Gallery

Our Latest Community Contributions

We provided water filters to more than 400 students in two schools

Our travellers donated over 400 goody bags to remote village schools in India

Our British students and participants planted over 150 fruit trees for fresh air

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Developing Valuable Skills For Life

The environments they experience and the places they visit will challenge students and develop leadership skills that will be highly valuable for university applications and employability after school.
  • Planning Ahead
  • Decision Making
  • Risk Assessment
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Accurate Self Appraisal
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Self Development
  • Project Planning and Completion

Leadership Program

Schools Leadership Expedition Program and Command Tasks

Students Trekking through Shimla, October 2019

Building on our experience in taking schools to North India & The Himalayas:

Expedition Leaders works with schools to offer a supervised, structured formal Leadership Programme, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and command tasks.

These expeditions are the only 3-part Program available for schools that include challenges in Himalayan villages, deserts, jungle and mountain environments.  

The Programme builds on students’ attributes and will help develop skills such as planning, decision-making and teamwork through a full and wide range of activities.

Students take an active role in planning their expedition both before leaving for India and on a daily basis on arrival, with specific responsibilities being given to each student and their outcomes being measured at the end.

“Young Leaders” will be trained to lead, manage and take full ownership of their expedition under the coaching of professionals, and backed up for safety.

Example Itineraries

Shimla Hills and Villages

Delhi - Kalka - Shimla - Naldehra – Thali - Tattapani - Mahunag - Chindi - Shikari Hills - Karsog - Taj Mahal - Delhi

Prices from: £
Flights Included

Wilderness Immersion Program in Satluj Valley in the Himalayas

Historical Delhi - Toy Train - British Raj Shimla - Hot Springs - Himalayan villages - Jungles of Chindi - Trekking in Shikari - Rewalser - Mandi - Wildlife - The Taj Mahal, Wonder of the World

Prices from: £
Flights Included