ASRA Charity
empowering children

Community Focused

We have established our own charity ASRA in the area in 2007 and re-invest some of the profits back in local communities, as well as running valuable community projects. Providing uniforms, shoes, sports equipment and water filters to provide cool and clean water to improve health to many many students in India.

Those who have travelled with us tell us that they have been unable to find this level of sustainable travel elsewhere and it’s one of the reasons they choose to travel with us again.

We provide a range of assistance from water filters to solar lights and assistance for the disabled in often isolated communities.

Community Projects

Expedition Leaders is one of the first companies to make planting trees or contribution towards reforestation a compulsory part of our holidays and expeditions for all of our travellers.

Since 2012, Puran has encouraged all our travellers to have a plantation and community task included in their itinerary to make a positive
change for people and the environment

All our guests highly enjoy this and feel enriched with the experience.

In 2019 Expedition Leaders managed to plant over 200 trees in Rural villages of Himachal and Rajasthan in India.

Our guests have provided over 350 goody bags filled with toothpaste, brushes, drawing books, paints, note books while cycling or trekking in the rural villages throughout India.Puran has also provided clean water filters for more than 400 students in Karsog Valley for different schools in Himachal, India.

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