Bhutan -The Hidden Kingdom in The Himalayas

Bhutan is mesmerising indeed! The beauty of the Land of the Thunder Dragon can’t be put into words. Nestled amidst the Himalayas, traditions are fiercely guarded in this tiny hill country. The dense jungles, gigantic mountain passes, verdant valleys, rolling farmlands and rice-terraced hill slopes make the heart sing with joy. The landscape is punctuated by dzongs (fortresses), chortens(shrines) and other captivating local architecture.

Just one of the many such sights is the Tiger’s Nest – this white-washed monastery perilously clings to a rockface, overlooking deep yawning valleys.

The people are simple, gracious and dignified. The surreal landscape is ideal for cycling trips and walking tours. Take your pick from scores of challenging treks and gentle hikes as well as tough off-road cycling tours and relaxed bike rides.

Veteran trekking enthusiasts may have heard of the Snowman Trek in Bhutan; it’s one of the world’s hardest high-altitude treks. Kayaking and rafting are also very popular.

We can help you to experience the very best of this region in a Small Escorted tour. Many of the spas in Bhutan follow age-old wisdom and offer holistic healing therapies. In terms of cuisine, Bhutan is big on chilli, cheese, meat and rice,with a lot of emphasis on spiciness. The people are also highly environmentally conscious and do their best to preserve their country’s pristine locales.

Cultural Tours

Bhutan Festival Time - Autumn Jampa Lhakhang Consecration Festival

A truly unique Tour taking in the majesty of Bhutan over 14 days. Experience the deep mystery and splendour of 5 days of the Autumn Jampa Lhakhang Consecration Festival. Bhutan is a special destination that every world traveller should visit.

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Flights Included

Cycling Tours

Cycling Challenge in the Shimla hills to experience life and culture in the rural villages of the Himalayas.

Explore British history, Indian culture, Shimla and the Himalayan villages on a cycling Challenge.

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Flights Included

Cycling Tour to Kerala

Discover Fort Kochi, Cochin, Thattekkadu, Munnar, Letchmi Estate, Periyar, Kambam Village, Muhamma and Marari.

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Flights Included

Bhutan Mountain Biking and Cultural Tour

Mountain Biking in Bhutan is relatively a new sport but gradually gaining momentum and emerging as one of the most sought after activity for adventure enthusiasts.

This tour program is crafted to offer a blend of cycling and cultural tour experience to travellers, amidst landscape of incredible beauty. The average daily cycling duration does not exceeds to more than five hours hence it is adventurous and enjoyable.

The tour is also accompanied by a vehicle and at any point of time if travellers feel tired of biking, they can use this means of transport.

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Golden Triangle Cycling Tour

Explore Indian culture, Royal Rajasthan, Taj Mahal, Hidden Villages, Forts and wildlife on cycles

Fully Escorted tour with private drivers and guides to follow your tailor-made Cycling Itinerary

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