A Tree for Clean Air

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Mission Statement

Our Vision or main aim is to mitigate the air quality and carbon emissions by planting trees with local farmers, wherever people go to travel. We also aim to plant fruit trees to help wildlife flourish and the thick leaves which provide shelter and shade in the heat as well as clean air.  

We are encouraging and making it easy for travellers and tour companies to adopt this idea to mitigate the impact of air pollution.
Please contribute towards "A Tree for Clean Air" Email: contact@expeditionleaders.com

We support the global scientific community and the ancient vision of “clean air for all and trees for life”. “a tree for clean air” is the way forward.

Our History

After leading rural and adventure tours for more than twenty years and observing the big change in lifestyles, footpaths converted into big roads and handicraft disappearing into branded plastic and machine made products. Seeing natural trees trimmed, tree stump and ground covered with paving or concrete, while all tree leaves taken away from above its roots, made us think. Hearing stories from elderly people about sustainability and modern generation loosing respect for nature and trees, inspired me to write these stories and finally pushed me to write a book-"The Himalayan Bond" after the confusion at the Copenhagen summit in 2009. After that author have spoken in many schools and events to inspire tree plantation projects.

The first plantation we did was in 2012 with a school Newark Academy School from New Jersey, USA in the rural village near Shimla in the Indian Himalayas.

Since 2012, Puran has encouraged many schools and travellers to have a plantation and community task included in their itinerary to make a positive change for people and the environment.

All our guests highly enjoy this and feel enriched with the experience. Puran took part in Global Clean Air Centre workshop and air quality monitoring project at the Surrey University with GCARE , which opens the eyes and provided the right inspiration and scientific approach for the old idea, trees for life and he started: "A Tree for Clean air."

In 2019 Expedition Leaders managed to plant over 300 trees in Rural villages of Himachal and Eastern Rajasthan.

See the video below for a talk given by our Director Puran at the Olympia London on village life and sustainability for the entire travel community

How to Get Involved

Anyone can join the effort, from individuals to businesses. If you are travelling anywhere, please make an effort to talk to your guide, hotel or a local farmer to buy and plant a few trees, so they can look after them for clean air or Here's how:

Sponsor a Group or Expedition

You can sponsor our guests and traveller groups, so that they can plan and plant specific number of trees for you. Please contribute towards "A Tree for Clean Air"

Donate a Tree

Donate £2.50 to buy a Tree for Clean Air. Please contribute towards "A Tree for Clean Air" Email: contact@expeditionleaders.com

Donate and Plant a Tree

Donate £3.00 to buy and plant a Tree for Clean Air in India/Africa or £5.00 for UK and Europe. Please contribute towards "A Tree for Clean Air"

Difference at a local level

Most of the communities around the world don't have access to supermarkets or seed stores. Every seed and plant is so important to them that they harvest, dry carefully and store it with great care, so it can be planted again next season".