The best time to visit Kerala

The best time to visit Kerala depends on what you're looking to do as the region has three specific seasons.

December, January & February are cooler and drier, yet busier, months;

March, April & May is the hot and humid season; and the rest of the year is the southwest and northeast monsoon season.

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When working out the best time to visit Kerala, we do not recommend travelling during the monsoon, which peaks Jun-Aug with torrential rain and widespread flooding. Meanwhile, in the dry months of Dec-Jan, Kerala is flooded with tourists. Come immediately post monsoon and the rain has turned forests, mountains and waterfalls to levels of lusciousness that look as if you have a filter on your camera. With the exception of the mountains, it’s best from September to March. The temperature runs from 23 to 32°C. Bring a brolly though, as it can rain anytime.

When to Visit Kerala

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